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2.5A M205 Ceramic Fuses - Slow Blow

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2.5A M205 Ceramic Slow Blow Fuse.

2.5 Amp M205 Ceramic Slow Blow Fuse.

• 20(L) x 5mm(Dia).

The 2.5A M205 Ceramic Slow Blow Fuse is used for circuit protection in electronic devices and equipment. Fuses are essential safety components designed to protect electrical circuits from excessive current flow, which can cause damage, overheating, or even fires. The fuse will "blow" or break the circuit if the current exceeds its rated capacity, preventing potential hazards.

The 2.5A M205 Ceramic Slow Blow Fuse has the following characteristics:

2.5A rating: This fuse is rated to handle a maximum current of 2.5 amperes. If the current exceeds this limit, the fuse will blow, interrupting the circuit and protecting the components.

M205 size: The M205 designation refers to the physical size and dimensions of the fuse. M205 fuses are cylindrical and measure approximately 5mm in diameter and 20mm in length.

Ceramic body: The fuse has a ceramic body, which provides additional insulation and protection against high temperatures. Ceramic fuses are often used in applications where higher temperatures and voltages are expected.

Slow blow (or time-delay): Slow blow fuses are designed to withstand short-duration overcurrent events without blowing. They are more tolerant of temporary current surges or inrush currents, which can occur when certain devices, like motors or transformers, are first powered on. This characteristic prevents nuisance tripping of the fuse during normal operation. However, if the overcurrent condition persists, the slow blow fuse will eventually blow and break the circuit.

The 2.5A M205 Ceramic Slow Blow Fuse is commonly used in various electronic devices and equipment, such as power supplies, chargers, and appliances, to provide reliable overcurrent protection.

Package includes: 1x 2.5A M205 Ceramic Slow Blow Fuse.


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