To pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal, enter the purchase reference and amount to pay. The purchase reference starts with a P, for example, P111128990. The purchase reference and amount must be entered before selecting the PayPal, Debit or Credit Card option.

Bank Transfer. Payment can be made to Kiwibank account number  38 9009 0693924 00, account name Techexpress NZ LTD. Use the purchase reference as a reference.

Trade Me Ping, Afterpay, Pay Now. Pay for your Trade Me purchase via Ping, Afterpay or Pay Now here (opens your Trade Me 'Items I won' page in a new window)

Frequently asked questions.

Q Can I pay cash? We do not accept cash.

Q What is the SWIFT code? The SWIFT code for Kiwibank is KIWINZ22.

Q I have made a payment but not seen my order confirmation.  Contact us for help.

Q Can I pay with a Credit Card over the phone? We cannot accept Credit Card payments over the telephone.

Q If I send a screenshot of the bank payment, can you ship my order? Screenshots are not accepted as payment confirmation.

Q Will I get an email when payment is confirmed? Yes. We confirm payment by emailing a receipt of payment, tax invoice and tracking details to your registered email address.

Q Can I get a tax invoice before paying? We cannot issue a tax invoice before receiving payment. We offer a proforma invoice. A tax invoice is emailed once payment is confirmed.

Q Is my payment secure? Yes. We have no direct access to your credit card information and our back office systems employ two factor authentication to protect your personal information.

Q How long will it take for a bank deposit or internet banking payment to arrive? Bank payments may take 1~2 business days to appear and then be reconciled by our accounting staff. If your order is urgent, we also accept Credit Card payments to enable immediate dispatch.

Q I do not have a PayPal account. How can I pay? Payment can be made with Credit Card or Debit Card at A PayPal account is not required. To pay via Credit Card or Debit Card, go to and enter your payment details, then select the Debit or Credit Card button located under the yellow PayPal button.

Do you have a question? Contact us, we welcome and answer all questions.

Payment terms and conditions.

  1. We cannot accept a screenshot as payment confirmation.
  2. The full, correct shipping fee must be paid before a purchase is sent.
  3. Bank payments may take 1~2 business days to appear and be reconciled.
  4. Unpaid purchases will be deemed abandoned and cancelled after seven working days without notice.
  5. Bank payments must include the purchase reference number and be the correct amount. It is the Buyers responsibility to ensure that bank payments include the purchase number as a reference and are the exact amount. We cannot accept responsibility for delay caused by incorrect payment amounts or purchase reference numbers.

Our full terms of service is available at