120W 240 - 120V Isolated Stepdown Transformer
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120W 240 - 120V Isolated Stepdown Transformer

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120W 240 - 120V Isolated Stepdown Transformer.

240V Mains Power.

Up to 120 watt output.

A quality fully-enclosed stepdown transformer with fold up metal carry handles, approved 3-wire power cord & US style 3 pin 110 - 120V socket (which also accepts US style 2 pin plugs).

A step-down transformer is an electrical device that reduces the voltage of an alternating current (AC) power source. It has more turns in the secondary winding than in the primary winding, which causes a reduction in voltage. This transformer is used to convert 240V to 120V, making it useful for a wide range of applications, such as in electronic devices, appliances, and industrial equipment.

A Stepdown Transformer is also known as a Voltage Reducer, Current Reducer, Transformer, Step Down Transformer or Step-Down Transformer.


Protective earth carried through to output.
Includes a resettable circuit breaker instead of fuse.
Electrically isolated between primary and secondary.
Useable with precision electric & electronic appliances.
Compact, excellent, safe and robust construction - steel case.


AC Voltage rating: 240V, 115V.
Rated for AU/NZ Mains: Yes.
Rated for US Mains: Yes.
Mains Max Current: 1A.
Max Input Power: 120VA.
Maximum output: 120 Watt.
Type of Transformer: Stepdown Power Conversion.
Primary Winding Connection: Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin.
Secondary Winding Connection: Mains US 3 Pin.
Circuit Breaker: Yes.

Width: 125mm.
Height: 90mm.
Depth: 74mm.
Weight: 2.4kg.

Package includes: 1x 120W 240 - 120V Isolated Stepdown Transformer.

1 Year Warranty.


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