Sega Dreamcast AV Cable
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Sega Dreamcast AV Cable Sega Dreamcast AV Cable Sega Dreamcast AV Cable Sega Dreamcast AV Cable Sega Dreamcast AV Cable

Sega Dreamcast AV Cable

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Sega Dreamcast RCA Audio Video AV Cable.

Guaranteed reliability. Our Sega Dreamcast video cable includes a 2 Year Techexpress New Zealand Guarantee.

Designed exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast home video game console, this AV lead provides better quality than the RF cable.

This composite video with Stereo audio to TV adapter cable will allow you to connect your Sega Dreamcast game console to a television with standard AV ports rather than "tune-in" with the originally supplied RF TV cable. As performance may be subjective or vary between cables, source devices and displays, we also offer a 14-day 'trial and return for refund less shipping fee' service to enable testing in your environment with your equipment.

Colour: Black.
Length: 1.8m.
Condition: New.
Packaging: Bulk.
Dreamcast AV cable.
Works with AV ready TV's.
Compatible with: Sega Dreamcast video game console.

Connector A: Male Sega Dreamcast 6 Pin video plug.
Connectors B,C,D: Male RCA (Yellow - composite video, White - left audio, Red - right audio).

Package includes: 1x Sega Dreamcast AV cable.

This 3rd party Dreamcast AV cable is not made by Sega.

Combine & Save. See our range of cables, parts and accessories.

Warranty & Returns:

14 Day 'change of mind' return in unused condition for a refund less shipping fees.
2 Year return to base refund or replace guarantee.

Installation Hints, Tips and Troubleshooting:

If you experience issues with the picture or sound on the Sega Dreamcast, carefully follow each step of our troubleshooting guide.

  1. Verify the cable is properly connected:

    • Ensure the AV cable is securely plugged into the Dreamcast's AV OUT port and the appropriate input on your television or monitor.
    • The AV cable has three RCA connectors: yellow (video), red (audio right), and white (audio left). Connect the yellow RCA connector to the video input, and the red and white RCA connectors to the corresponding audio inputs on your TV.
    • If your TV has multiple input options (such as composite, S-video, or component), double-check that you have selected the correct input mode on your TV.
  2. Inspect the cable for damage:

    • Carefully examine the entire length of the cable for any visible signs of damage, such as fraying, bent pins, or broken connectors.
    • If you notice any damage, consider replacing the cable with a new one.
  3. Test the cable on another device:

    • If possible, connect the AV cable to another Dreamcast console or compatible device to verify if the cable is functioning properly.
    • If the cable works on another device, the issue may lie with your Dreamcast console or TV.
  4. Clean the cable connectors:

    • Disconnect the cable from the Dreamcast and your TV.
    • Using a dry, lint-free cloth, gently clean the connectors on both ends of the cable.
    • Reconnect the cable and test the connection.
  5. Test with a different AV cable:

    • If you have access to another Dreamcast AV cable, try connecting it to your console and TV to see if the issue persists.
    • If the issue is resolved with a different cable, the original cable may be faulty and require replacement.
  6. Check your TV's settings:

    • Review your TV's settings to ensure it is configured to display the correct input source.
    • If your TV has picture settings such as brightness, contrast, or sharpness, try adjusting these to see if the image quality improves.
  7. Inspect the Dreamcast console:

    • Disconnect the AV cable and examine the AV OUT port on your console for any visible signs of damage.
    • If the port appears damaged, you may need to have your Dreamcast console professionally serviced.
  8. Test the console with another display:

    • If possible, try connecting your Dreamcast console to a different TV or monitor to see if the issue persists.
    • If the issue is resolved on a different display, the problem may lie with your original TV.

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