Pillow Speaker
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Pillow Speaker

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Pillow Speaker.

The pillow speaker is a small, flat audio device that is designed to be placed underneath a pillow or near a person's head while they sleep. Pillow speakers are often used to listen to audio content such as music, audiobooks, or white noise without disturbing others in the room. They can be connected to a variety of audio sources, such as smartphones, tablets, or MP3 players, and are designed to be lightweight and portable for easy use.

Pillow speakers are often used as a sleep aid for people who have trouble falling asleep or who want to listen to relaxing sounds or music while they sleep. They can also be useful for individuals who are hard of hearing and need to amplify the sound of their audio source in order to hear it more clearly.

A pillow speaker may provide some relief for individuals suffering from tinnitus. Using a pillow speaker to play soothing sounds, white noise, or calming music can help mask the tinnitus sounds and provide some relief, especially at night when trying to sleep.

Pillow speakers are also used in hospitals, nursing homes, and hotels for patient entertainment or relaxation purposes.

A safe and convenient alternative to headphones or earphones whilst listening to music in bed. Simply plug in an MP3 player, iPod® or radio and place into a pillow case.

Compatibility: This pillow speaker is ideal for a number of devices that include a 3.5mm headphone socket such as CD Players, Cell Phones, iPhones, iPods, MP3 players, MP4 players, Radios, Smartphones, Tablets & other devices. The volume of the pillow speaker is determined by the audio device it is connected to. It does not have its own amplifier built-in. A pillow speaker may not work with all devices. We offer a 14-day 'trial and return for refund less shipping fee' service to enable testing in your environment with your equipment.

• No batteries required.
• Perfect for children and adults alike.
• 1m lead with 3.5mm stereo plug included.


Sold as: Each.
Colour: White.
Condition: New.
Packaging: Bulk.
Cable Length: 1m.
Cable Diameter 1.5mm.
Maximum Power: 0.6W.
RMS Power Rating: 0.1W.
Speaker Size: 60 x 15mm.
Product Category: Speakers.
Resonant Frequency: 500Hz.
Nominal Impedance: 16 Ohm.
Speaker Type: Hobby Speaker.
Connector Type: Male 3.5mm Plug.

Package includes: 1x Pillow Speaker.

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Warranty & Returns:

14 Day 'change of mind' return in unused condition for a refund less shipping fees.
1 Year return to base refund or replace guarantee.

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