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Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_RSP7HALJKSVW.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_8_RSP7GUEKUNN1.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_0_RSP7DLNT9Y1T.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_1_RSP7E1IMWFJP.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_2_RSP7EFOHJ4EW.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_3_RSP7ETPX530C.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_4_RSP7F7VRHFK3.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_5_RSP7FMW3LB78.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_6_RSP7G0VHNK7J.png Photograph_of_Black_Nintendo_NES_72_Pin_connector_for_cartridge_replacement_spare_part_7_RSP7GFSPWBOA.png

Nintendo NES 72 Pin connector for cartridge replacement spare part

  • $15.69

Replacement 72 Pin game cartridge slot connector part for replacing, repair and restoration of the original classic Nintendo Entertainment System or NES video game console.

Guaranteed reliability.

Bring your 8-bit Nintendo NES console back to life with this 72 Pin connector cartridge replacement part.

Vintage NES games will breathe life again without having to jam cartridges. Play all your games again today.

Fix or repair Nintendo NES blinking light, scrambled graphics and glitches with this brand new 72 pin game cartridge connector.

Installation rating: EASY. Installation takes approximately 20 minutes and requires a small Phillips and Flathead screwdriver. An easy to follow, step by step installation guide with full-colour photos is available by request.

• Condition: New
• 100% compatible 3rd party replacement 72 pin game cartridge slot for Nintendo NES.
• This replacement 72 pin NES connector part works for all NES systems except top-loading consoles.
• These 72pin connectors provide an extremely tight and precise grip on the cartridge edge ensuring that the contacts mate with 100% reliability.

Warranty & returns:

14 Day 'change of mind' return in unused condition for refund less shipping fees
13 Month return to base refund or replace guarantee

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NES 72pin 72-pin replacement pcb cart connector

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