IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor
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IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor

IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor

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IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor.

An IR adjustable proximity sensor is a device that uses infrared technology to detect the presence of objects or people in its vicinity. It emits a beam of infrared light and measures the reflection to determine if an object is present. The sensor has an adjustable range that can be customized to suit the specific application.

The IR adjustable proximity sensor is commonly used in automated systems such as motion-activated lights, security systems, and automatic doors. They are also used in manufacturing processes to detect the presence of objects on a conveyor belt or to trigger a machine to start or stop based on the proximity of an object.

The adjustable range of the sensor allows it to be configured to detect objects at varying distances. This makes it versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. The IR adjustable proximity sensor is also known for its accuracy and reliability, making it a popular choice for industrial and commercial applications.

An easy to use IR proximity sensor in adjustable threaded package for straightforward mounting.

This is an IR proximity sensor which can operate over an adjustable range of 3-80cm (depending on object reflectiveness) and has an active low output which can sink up to 100mA. It is fitted with two plastic nuts, and so can be mounted in a panel up to 30mm thick.

5v ir adjustable proximity sensor
The range trim pot can be used to adjust the trigger sensitivity. Clockwise corresponds to greater sensitivity and detection range. The status LED illuminates when the sensor is triggered and the output is active.

5v IR adjustable proximity sensor close up
The red end is the sensor and has an emitter and receiver behind an IR filter. The field of view is 15 degrees.

The output is NPN, so it is floating when inactive and pulled to GND when active. To use as an input to a logic level device, connect a pullup resistor to the Signal wire, or enable pullups on the microcontroller input pin, eg for Arduino:


To read the pin, use:


In this case, state will be 0 when active and 1 when inactive.


Length: 45mm.
Diameter: 18mm.
Supply Voltage: 5V nominal.

Black Wire: Signal.
Brown Wire: 5V input.
Blue Wire: Ground connection.

Operating Voltage: 5V.
Supply Current: 100mA.

Package includes: 1x IR Adjustable Proximity Sensor.


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