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Professional Isopropyl Alcohol Saturated Clean Wipes 99% IPA Cleanwipes

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Professional Optronics 99% Isopropyl Alcohol / IPA Cleaning Wipes in a sealed 1 piece pack.

Order 1x for 1x wipe in a sealed satchel OR order 50x for a complete box of 50 pieces.

Ideal for cleaning bare optical fibre, Printed Circuit Boards and PCB's, Cartridge Edge Connectors.

These Optronics pre-saturated wipes contain 99% pure IPA (isopropyl alcohol). The wipe material is made from high quality, non-abrasive, low lint fabric. They effectively remove dust, grease, oil, flux, soils and other contaminants or residues from electronics.

Ideal for cleaning Digital Printers & Print Heads, Printed Circuit Boards & Edge Connectors, Cassette Tape Player & Recorder Heads, Connectors & Gold Pins & Fingers, Computers, Photocopiers & Office Equipment, LCD Panels, Medical Equipment, Relays, Flux cleaning & removal.

• PH: Neutral.
• Non-abrasive.
• Zero residues.
• Low lint fabric.
• Safe on plastics.
• Highly flammable.
• Rapid evaporation.
• Strong and tear-proof.
• Evaporation Rate: 1.9.
• Low lint saturated wipe.
• Resistant to vigorous use.
• 99% pure Isopropyl Alcohol.
• Wipe Size: 157mm x 176mm.
• Sachet Size: 63mm x 59mm x 5mm.
• High absorbance and liquid retention.

Package includes: 1x Sealed Pre-saturated IPA Cleanwipe.

Packaging: Bulk.

Warranty & Returns: 14 Day 'change of mind' return in unused condition for a refund less shipping fees.

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  • Hi, do these have an expiry date? And also do these need to be stored in a cold environment? Thanks

    Hi. Thanks for your interest and question. These 99% Pure IPA Wipes do not have an expiry date. Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Store away from heat, sparks and open flame. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture. If you have any questions, or if there is any other way we can help, please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Hi, how much for the whole box (50 pcs)? Thanks

    Hi. Thanks for your question. For the bulk, 50 piece cartons of sealed IPA Wipes, please see