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HDMI to VGA Video with Stereo Audio Lead Cable Converter Adapter

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HDMI to VGA with Audio Converter adapter cable with included 3.5mm Stereo audio cable cord lead.

Convert an HDMI source such as a Blu-ray player to a VGA display. This unit will also convert the audio stream from HDMI to analogue audio which can be output to some speakers or headphones using the 3.5mm audio socket. No power supply is required as it's powered by the HDMI signal. Supplied with a 1 metre long stereo audio cable with 3.5mm plugs.

This HDMI to VGA Converter (with Audio) is a digital to Analogue video / audio converter enabling you to convert HDMI signals into a VGA Output with Audio

Computer / DVD / digital set-top box / laptop / mobile Phone / digital camera / Tablet PC / Media player / a range of HD sources such as input devices. Audio and video signals to the TV / monitor / Projector output.


• Flexible, portable design
• No external power supply required, Plug & Play
• Supports 720, 1080i & 1080P resolution
• Includes 3.5mm output audio socket
• Includes 3.5mm audio cable

Input HDMI
Output VGA & Audio

avpn AC-1724 AC1724

Package includes:
1x HDMI TO VGA and Stereo audio adapter converter cable
1x 3.5mm Stereo audio cable

Warranty & returns: 13 Month return to base refund or replace guarantee

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