Ground Loop Isolator (Stereo) RCA
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Ground Loop Isolator (Stereo) RCA Ground Loop Isolator (Stereo) RCA Ground Loop Isolator (Stereo) RCA Ground Loop Isolator (Stereo) RCA

Ground Loop Isolator (Stereo) RCA

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Ground Loop Isolator (Stereo) RCA.

Used to eliminate ground loop problems (usually manifested as a low hum) in audio connections. Earthing brown ground wires sometimes helps even more.

Ground loop isolators can help to eliminate unnecessary noise in audio systems, such as the hum generated by a car alternator. Thus, if audio quality is essential to you, a ground loop isolator is necessary for a more defined sound.

A Ground Loop Isolator is used to eliminate ground loop noise in audio systems. Ground loops occur when two or more devices in a system are connected to a common ground, creating an unwanted electrical pathway that can introduce noise and interference into audio signals. This noise is commonly characterized by a low-frequency hum or buzz.

Ground Loop Isolators are designed to break this unwanted electrical pathway by isolating the audio signal path between the devices. This model uses audio transformers to achieve this. This RCA Ground Loop Isolator, is built with RCA connectors for easy integration into audio systems that use RCA cables for audio transmission.

The Ground Loop Isolator works by converting the audio signal from an unbalanced (single-ended) signal to a balanced (differential) signal, allowing it to travel through the transformers without being affected by ground loop interference. The signal is then converted back to an unbalanced signal at the output, making it compatible with the connected audio devices.

By inserting a Ground Loop Isolator between the audio source and the amplifier, receiver, or other audio equipment, you can effectively eliminate ground loop noise and improve the overall audio quality in your system.


Sold as: Each.
Packaging: Bulk.
Required Voltage: 12V.
Item Connection: RCA.
Vehicle Connection: Flyleads.
Power supply: 12V Vehicle or Vessel Powered.

Package includes: 1x Ground Loop Isolator (Stereo) RCA.

1 Year Warranty.


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