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6.5mm Mono Plastic Line Socket

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6.5mm Mono Plastic Line Socket.

A 6.5mm Mono Plastic Line Socket is a type of electrical connector designed for use with 6.5mm (also known as 1/4-inch) mono audio plugs. The term "mono" refers to monophonic sound, which means the audio signal is transmitted through a single channel, as opposed to stereo sound that uses multiple channels.

The socket is made of plastic and is designed to receive a 6.5mm mono plug. It can be found in various audio equipment, such as electric guitars, amplifiers, speakers, and other sound systems. The 6.5mm size is common in professional audio applications, and the plastic housing provides a cost-effective, lightweight option for manufacturers and users.

The primary purpose of a 6.5mm mono plastic line socket is to create a reliable and secure electrical connection between an audio source (such as a musical instrument or microphone) and an audio processing device (such as an amplifier or mixer). By doing so, the socket allows the transfer of audio signals for amplification, recording, or broadcasting.


Colour: Black.
Device: Socket.
Pack Quantity: 1.
Case Material: Plastic.
Socket Type: 6.5mm Mono.
Connection Method: Solder.

Package includes: 1x 6.5mm Mono Plastic Line Socket.


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