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PVC Insulation Tape - White - 20m

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PVC Insulation Tape - White - 20m.Image of Nitto logo

Top quality general purpose PVC electrical insulation  tape.

• White.
• 18mm wide.
• 20 metre roll.


Electrical insulation. PVC insulation tape is commonly used to insulate electrical wires and cables. It helps to protect the wires from moisture, corrosion, and heat. This is one of the most common applications for PVC insulation tape, as it is essential for ensuring the safety of electrical wiring. In New Zealand, where the climate is often wet and humid, PVC insulation tape can help to prevent electrical fires caused by moisture.

Wiring repairs. PVC insulation tape can also be used to repair damaged electrical wires. It can be used to cover up exposed wires and to create a new insulation layer. This can be a quick and easy way to fix a damaged wire, and it can help to prevent further damage.

Marking. PVC insulation tape can also be used to mark wires and cables. It can be used to identify different wires or to create warning labels. This can be helpful for electricians and other workers who need to identify different wires or to create safety warnings.

Other applications. In addition to these common applications, PVC insulation tape can also be used for a variety of other purposes. For example, it can be used to create electrical labels, to repair toys and other items, and to protect surfaces from moisture.

Colour: White.
Roll length: 20m.
Tape width: 18mm.
Elongation [%] 212.
Thickness: 0.176mm.
Tensile strength 66.59.
Adhesive strength (to stainless steel plate) [N/19mm] 3.29.

Package includes: 1x 20m long roll of White PVC General Purpose Electrical Insulation Tape.


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