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Pro Soldering Gas Kit with Screwdriver Set/Stripper/Heatshrink

  • $159.00

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Gas Can CompatibleExcellent value and a handy kit to have close at hand for those quick and urgent repairs. Includes many of the necessary accessories for your wiring and soldering needs, making it an ideal kit for the home handyman, enthusiast or electrician. Supplied in a hard plastic carry case.This kit contains:•    Pro Gas Soldering Iron with spare tips and build in stand and cap. 1.    90W – 150W equivalent electrical power 2.    Accessories: Chisel tip, anvil tip, flat tip, deflector, solder, cleaning sponge•    3mm Desolder Braid (NS-3020)•    115mm Stainless Steel Side Cutters (TH-1890)•    Heavy Duty Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper with Wire Guide (TH-1827)•    28 Piece Screwdriver set•    Heatshrink assortment: 1.    1.5mm – 20 x black, 5 x red, 5 x clear 2.    2.5mm – 10 x black, 3 x red, 3 x clear 3.    3.0mm – 8 x black, 2 x red, 2 x clear 4.    5.0mm – 7 x black, 2 x red, 2 x clear 5.    6.0mm – 3 x black, 1 x  red, 1 x clear 6.    Packed in a sealed poly bag•    Straight Demagnetised Tweezers 116mm•    Curved Demagnetised Tweezers 121mm•    Small LED Silver Torch 26 x 84mm 1.    Powerful 9 LED lights 2.    Aluminium alloy 3.    Battery: 3 x AAA (not included)

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