Deluxe High Performance Sega Master System RF Cable Cord Lead - techexpress nz
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Deluxe High Performance Sega Master System RF Cable Cord Lead - techexpress nz Deluxe High Performance Sega Master System RF Cable Cord Lead - techexpress nz

Deluxe High Performance Sega Master System RF Cable Cord Lead

  • $24.89

Deluxe High-Performance Sega Master System video game console RF Cable. 

This is the best RF cord for your retro Sega Master System II game console. 

Colours are rich, vivid & vibrant with clean, distortion-free.sound reproduction. Each RF cord is tested on an original unmodified Sega Master System 2 using our benchmark lab Sony Trinitron™ CRT television

Most retro game console cables use crimp or screw connections which can ead to inferior image quality. With our goal of manufacturing the best RF cable, each cable end (screen RF shield and centre conductor) is screwed, tinned and soldered for ultimate confidence that the cable is transporting the signal as best as possible

Why Gold? Gold is an extremely good electrical conductor & is resistant to oxidation & corrosion

Express-Flex™ Cable for silk like flexibility, strength & durability. Whilst most cables use cheap PVC we use Polyurethane for its resistance to abrasion, tolerance to solvents & endurance with higher flex & bend rates

Cable strain relief has been crafted into the Master System end to protect the cable from the dreaded "kink syndrome" & promote a long-term pristine image

Length 2.5 Meters ±10%
PAL Belling-Lee Male Television (Gold)
RCA Male (Gold)
Color Purple
Cable Jacket: Polyurethane
Screening: Double Shielded (Aluminum Mylar & Braid Shield) High quality shielded cable minimises possible interference

Custom lengths available, just ask

Warranty & returns: We offer a two-year return to base warranty

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We welcome & answer all questions

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Would this work on a plasma tv?
A. This will work on any plasma TV with an Antenna, Aerial or RF in port.

Q. Would this cable work ok with an Atari 2600?
A. Yes, but depending on the Atari 2600 version, Some had a 'hard wired' antenna cable which required removing the case to install. "We can offer a risk-free 7 day, 'trial and return-for-refund' service excluding shipping fees, to enable compatibility testing in your classic 2600 application.

Q. So this replaced the little switch box that came with sega? And plugs straight into the rf port/aerial plug? Then need to find the sega on analogue rather than digital channels?
A. That is correct, Connects directly between console and television rf/aerial port and then the channel is tuned in.

Q. Does this go straight from sega to tv?
A. Yes - This goes directly from the Sega games console to the Television.

We welcome & answer all questions