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Compact World Band Radio with SSB - techexpress nz Compact World Band Radio with SSB - techexpress nz

Compact World Band Radio with SSB

  • $105.00

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Compact World Band Radio with SSB.

Batteries Included.

This is a very compact world band radio, covering the most popular frequencies. It features rapid digital tuning, 1000 memory presets, and an easy to read display. Single Sideband Modulation (SSB) is used to listen in on 27MHz CB radio, short wave amateur radio and morse code. The large internal speaker provides clear audio, and you can connect your favourite set of headphones for personal listening. Powerful enough to receive what you want, and compact enough to take wherever you want.


• Telescopic Antenna.
• Single Side Band (SSB).
• FM/MW/SW/LW/AIR Bands.
• Selectable Bandwidth: 1 - 6kHz.
• 3.5mm socket for external antenna.
• Radio Bands: FM 87.5 - 108MHz, MW 522 - 1620kHz / 520 - 1710 kHz, SW 1711 - 29,999kHz, LW 150 - 450kHz, AIR 118 - 137kHz.

1 Year Warranty.

What is World Band?.

World Band Radios are those radios that are capable of tuning into radio programs generated by, say the British BBC, Radio Australia(Australian ABC Radio programs), Voice of America, Radio Vatican, etc. These programs are transmitted on a regular weekly basis in any one 24 hour period. It is generally preferable to use 24 hour time, linked to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is the time it is in London (UK) so that confusion is eliminated as when the program is broadcast. There are dozens and dozens of programs from countries all over the world in the special languages of these countries. For example if you are an Australian citizen but originally from Greece, you can tune into stations that enable you to keep your knowledge of the language up to date. The stations typically have a lot of local news which you would normally not hear. The World Band stations are generally broadcast in several frequencies at the same time, typically between about 1.8MHz & 29.00 MHz, especially between 7 & 21MHz. You can look up the broadcasting details on Google etc. Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) is a circuit configuration invented over 80 years ago. Originally the circuit was so complex that it only appeared in expensive radios. With modern microchip technology, the PLL got a lot cheaper. The benefits of PLL technology enabled receivers to remain on a station frequency with great accuracy. The radio circuit did not ‘drift.’ PLL technology, though still not cheap, is a hallmark of quality short wave radios and that’s why Techexpress specifies them.

What is SSB? SSB stands for Single Sideband modulation. It is a type of amplitude modulation (AM) technique used in communication systems to transmit voice and other signals over radio frequency (RF) channels.

Unlike traditional AM, which transmits both the carrier signal and the sidebands containing the audio information, SSB only transmits one of the sidebands along with the carrier signal, resulting in a more efficient use of bandwidth.

SSB is commonly used in amateur radio, aviation, marine, and military communications, as it allows for long-range communication with reduced interference and improved audio quality compared to traditional AM.


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