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Commodore 64 C64 VIC20 C128 SD memory card virtual 1541 disk emulator

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Commodore 64 C64, 128 and Vic 20 SD memory card virtual 1541 floppy disk drive emulator. 

Part of the devolution series of game accessories from techexpress NZ

Store and load thousands of C64 program file & disk images on a standard SD Card or Micro SD Card with Micro to SD converter. Select programme or disk images with the built-in disk swap buttons

A must have piece of kit for any C64 enthusiast

C64 games and files are found with ease online. Play nearly any classic C64 game with no need for disks

The SD flash memory card virtual floppy disk drive emulates the basic functions of the Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive, as well as supporting fast loaders like JiffyDos, Final Cartridge III and Epyx Fast Loader

• Load & run .prg programme files and .d64 .d71 d81 .m2i disk image files on your 8bit commodore 64
• Load & save files as you would with a real 1541 disk drive
• Includes status LEDs & reset/root and disk swap buttons
• Defaults to drive 8 i.e LOAD"*",8 - drive ID can be changed in basic
• For Commodore 64 C64, VIC-20, C128 8-bit home computers
• Connects to the Commodore 64 disk drive port for data & tape port for power

Button 1 is the rear-most black button and is the Reset / Root folder or directory
Button 2 is the middle button and is the Previous disk
Button 3 is the front button and is the Next disk
Press 2 & 3 (both middle 'Previous disk' and front 'Next disk' buttons) together at the same time to generate an AUTOSWAP file

Package includes:

1x SD2IEC Virtual floppy disk drive emulator
1x User manual (SD card, C64, Fastloader not included, See our listings for these)

Warranty & returns: 13 Month return to base refund or replace guarantee

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What does it mean when the red led is flashing?

Answer: A flashing red LED on the SD2IEC means there is a disk load, read or write error. When this happens it’s likely that there’s some incompatibility between the disk image you’ve chosen and the SD2IEC’s emulated 1541. Try to find or make a different disk image.

Question: I don't know what button they mean by 'diskswap'

Answer: Earlier versions of the Commodore SD2IEC used a single button for the diskswap feature. The latest version has been upgraded to include two buttons to provide multiple disk swapping functionality. Any referral to a diskswap button can now be interpreted as the Previous disk and Next disk buttons.

Question: How do I use multiple disks or multidisk games? 

Answer: Using multiple disk programs.

For multiple D64’s you will need to create an AUTOSWAP.LST file so the SD2IEC knows what disk to load and in what order.

AUTOSWAP.LST - Create a text file (notepad on PC) and simply enter the file names of the D64’s eg



 Don't forget to save the file as AUTOSWAP.LST not AUTOSWAP.LST.TXT

To load your multi disk images, use FileBrowser to open the directory containing the D64 images and the AUTOSWAP.LST file, then press Q to quit filebrowser.

Type LOAD”*”,8<ENTER> RUN<ENTER> to load from the first disk image and when the program asks for the next disk press the front most Next disk button. When the SD2IEC reaches the end of the AUTOSWAP.LST file, it will loop back to the beginning of the list. You can use the middle Previous disk button to go back.

Alternative AUTOSWAP feature:

AUTOSWAP automatic file generation. To use this feature, from the directory containing your disk images, press both the ‘Previous disk’ and ‘Next disk’ buttons at the same time. The SD2IEC will create a file called AUTOSWAP.GEN. You can use this file straight away or you can edit it if the order is incorrect and rename it to AUTOSWAP.LST for future use.

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