Commodore 64 c64 sd2iec 1541 virtual disk drive joystick version
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Commodore 64 C64 VIC20 128 SD Memory Card 1541 Disk Emulator

  • $109.99

Commodore 64 Vic 20 C64, 128, 128D SD memory card virtual 1541 floppy disk drive emulator

Store & load thousands of Commodore 64 program file & disk images on a standard SD Card or Micro SD Card with Micro SD to SD converter. Select programme & disk images with built-in disk swap buttons

A must have piece of kit for any C64 enthusiast

Commodore 64 C64 games are found online with ease. Play nearly any classic C64 game with no need for disks

The SD flash memory card virtual floppy disk drive emulates the basic functions of a Commodore 1541 floppy disk drive

• Load & run .prg programme files & .d64 .d71 d81 .m2i disk image files on an 8bit commodore 64 Vic 20 or 128
• Load & save files as you would with a real 1541 drive
• Includes status LEDs, reset & disk swap buttons
• Defaults to drive 8 i.e LOAD"*",8 - drive ID can be changed in basic
• Works with Commodore 64 C64, VIC-20, C128 8-bit computers
• Connects to the Commodore 64 disk drive port for data & joystick port for power. See our listings for Cassette powered & User port powered versions

Package includes:
1x SD2IEC virtual floppy disk drive emulator
1x CD with user guide & software
(SD card not included, See our listings for these)

Warranty & returns: 13 Month return to base refund or replace guarantee

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