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BA15S LED Interior/Reverse/Park Light Globe 21x5730 LEDs, CANBus compatible


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1 Year WarrantyLEDFeatures:  More and more modern vehicles are employing an electronic control system called CANBus, which has many benefits including monitoring of globe failures. This can pose a bit of a problem with LED replacement globes causing the CANBus to detect that globe as having failed. This range of BA15 type LED globes are all CANBus compatible (won't give errors), with universal polarity, very low power consumption and a high lumen output. Powered by 12VDC, can be used as tail/brake light (BAY15D), parker light (BA15S), or even as interior light globes (BA15D/BA15S) thanks to their high brightness. The BA15D is very commonly used in caravan and marine interior lights. For off-road use only.Three types available:ZD-0740 – BAY15D Stop/Tail Lamp CANBus LED Replacement GlobeZD-0742 – BA15D Interior/Navigation Lamp CANBus LED Replacement GlobeZD-0744 – BA15S Interior/Park/Reverse Lamp CANBus LED Replacement Globe

Automotive Globes Information

You may look at our range of LED automotive globes and wonder what all these different globe numbers mean: BA15S, T10, E10,BAY15D, etc.Well luckily these numbers are an industry standard, and actually describe the type and size of the globe's base and pin arrangements. Below is a list of the most common types of automotive globes, and a typical application for them: Type Description T5 5mm wedge style base. Used in dashboard illumination T10 10mm wedge style base. Used in dashboards, park light, number plate illumination, etc. T20 20mm wedge style base. Used in some indicators, tail and brake lights E10 10mm Edison screw base. Used in some dashboards, park lights and number plate illumination (typically on older vehicles) BA9S 9mm Bayonet cap base with single contact pin. Used in dashboards, park lights and various lights BA15S 9mm Bayonet cap base with single contact pin. Used in dashboards, park lights and various lights BA15D 15mm Bayonet cap with two contact pins. Used in caravan interior lights and marine navigation lights BAY15D 15mm Bayonet cap with offset side location tabs, with two contact pins on the base. Used for tail/stop lights (high/low brightness)


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