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6 Piece Tamperproof Torx Set

  • $29.99

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6 Piece Tamperproof Torx Set.

A quality set of chrome vanadium Torx drivers, presented in a felt-lined plastic storage case.

All drivers are 145mm long and include colour coded, rotating, free-spinning top or palm-rest for ease of use.

The handy storage case includes a hinged transparent cover so you can see if any Torx screw drivers are missing. The carry case also includes a built-in hook to enable hanging on the workshop wall.

A 6 Piece Tamperproof Torx Screwdriver Set is a collection of six screwdrivers that are specifically designed to fit a type of screw called Torx screws. These screws have a six-pointed star-shaped pattern on the head and are commonly used in electronic devices, appliances, and automotive applications.

The term "tamperproof" refers to the fact that these screws are often used to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive or important components. The tamperproof feature can take different forms such as having a pin in the center of the Torx screw or a protrusion on the head which prevents standard Torx screwdrivers from fitting.

The 6 Piece Tamperproof Torx Screwdriver Set includes six different sizes of screwdrivers that can be used to tighten or loosen Torx screws. This set is a useful tool for anyone who needs to work with Torx screws, whether for personal or professional use.


Bit type: Torx.
Shaft Length: 145mm.
Number of tools in set: 6.
Tamper Proof Variant: Yes.
Pack type: Torx Driver Set.
Storage Included: Carry Case.
Tool Type: Torx Head Screwdriver.
Hand tool composition: Chromium Vanadium Steel.
Bit size: T7 Torx, T8 Torx, T9 Torx, T10 Torx, T15 Torx, T20 Torx.

Package includes: 1x 6 Piece Tamperproof Torx Set.


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