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5cm Flexible Adhesive LED strip - Cool White

  • $3.65

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LEDFeatures:Ideal for small applications, this light strip is sold per segment so you only get the length you need. The strip is backed with 3M brand adhesive tape, and each section had solder pads to enable you to wire up to your desired configuration. They are an excellent solution to thousands of lighting applications such as display cabinets, under bench lighting, accent lighting, caravan/camping, 4WD, mood lighting, etc•    Current per section: 50mA•    Current per metre: 1000mA•    Lumens per metre: 1200 Lumens per metre•    Sold per segment•    Segment length: 50mm •    Maximum continuous length: 5m (100 segments)

 NOTE: Retail customers ordering need to enter the number of 5cm segments to total their required length. For example, a customer needing a 75cm strip would need to order 15 units (75 divided by 5).While every endeavour is made to supply ordered quantity in a single strip, variations in available inventory may result in two lengths being supplied for lengths greater than 1m. In this event, the lengths can be joined by a small soldering link at the time of installation. Customer requiring an long uninterrupted length are encouraged to consider purchasing a full 5m length (100 units) or the lower brightness 5m economy rolls (sold per roll).

LED Strip Lighting

Our range of LED strip lights are made using some of the most common type of SMD LEDs used in LED lighting products; the 3528 type, and the 5050/5060type. Their model designations actually come from their footprint dimensions:3528 = 3.5x2.8mm, 5050 = 5.0x5.0mm, and 5060 = 5.0x6.0mm. The 3528 type is a single LED emitter type in a very compact package, whereas the 5050 and5060 type are commonly referred to as triple-chip due to having three LED emitters built into the one package. The 3528 typically offers superior lumen performance per emitter and greater light efficiency than 5050/5060, but the5060/5060 triple-chip types are more cost effective due to lower manufacturing and production costs when built into a finished product.


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