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4 Stage 6/12V 4A Battery Charger with LCD Display

  • $119.00

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1 Year Warranty240V Mains PowerAn intelligent 4-stage maintenance charger for 6 or 12 volt lead-acid batteries. Maintains and extends battery life by constantly monitoring and correctly charging the battery indefinitely across four stages: pre-charge, constant current, constant voltage and float charge. Select from four charging modes, including: 6V/1A (slow), 12V/1A (slow), 12V/4A (fast), and 12V/4A (low temperature). The LCD interface clearly displays modes and measurement detections to ensure ease of operation. Safety features include short circuit and reverse polarity protection, wrong battery prompt, over temperature protection and power down memory. Numerous charging options make this a great choice for many vehicle, home and industrial battery charging requirements. The handy retractable hook means you can hang it where you need it.Features:• 4-stage charging• Easy to use• Compact design• Charging current:    Up to 4A• Efficiency:        >75%• Capacity:        5-120Ah• Suitable Battery Voltage:    6/12VDC• Compatible Battery Type:    Lead acid

NOTE: These chargers are not recommended for long-term "maintenance" charging of unsealed lead-acid batteries, the types with removable filler caps and liquid elctrolyte. Long-term continuous float charging of this type of battery may cause loss of water from the electrolyte, ruining the battery. If you are intending to use this charger on these batteries please use an appliance timer such as MS6113 to automatically limit the charging to 30 minutes or so per day. For More info on Intelligent Chargers and More info on Charging Batteries.

Multi State Charging Information

All-in-one chargers which have multiple charge settings to suitdifferent sized batteries and charging requirements. Capable of recharging the battery and maintaining the charge state indefinitely, they are particularly well suited to being continuously connected to a battery. Some models also have additional functions such as rapid boost charging and can also be used as a general purpose high current power supply. For further information see these types of possible charging states *may not be applicable to the unit you are viewing *BATTERY TEST - Checks the battery to ensure it is ready for charging, polarity of leads etc.DESULPHATION: Detects sulfated batteries. Pulsing current and voltage, removes sulfate from the lead plates of the battery restoring the battery.SOFT START: Initial battery test to determine battery condition. Ift he battery is severely discharged, charger will begin the Soft Start stage. Charging starts with reduced current until battery voltage reaches a normal condition for charge.BULK MODE: Major charging stage where the battery receives the majority of its charge. During this stage the battery is charged to up to 80% capacity.ABSORPTION MODE: Completes the charge up to virtually 100% at a slower charge rate to protect the batteries working life.RECONDITION MODE: Select “Recondition” mode, charges at higher voltage to recondition the sulfate of the battery to save battery life.ANALYSIS: Tests if the battery can hold charge. Batteries that cannot hold charge may need to be replaced.FLOAT: Low constant voltage, minimal charge current, battery is fully charged.PULSE MODE: Maintaining the battery at 95-100% capacity. The charger monitors the battery voltage and gives


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