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TL4126-1-75mm-copper-finish-pla-3d-printer-filament-250g-rollImageMain-515_SI48WU39QJXY.jpg TL4126-1-75mm-copper-finish-pla-3d-printer-filament-250g-rollgallery5-300_SI48WUKM2I8P.jpg

1.75mm Copper Finish PLA 3D Printer Filament 250g Roll

  • $34.90

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250g roll of 1.75mm copper coloured PLA filament to suit 3D printers, including the TL4050 3D Pen Kit.PLA (Polylactic acid) is a biodegradable, environment-friendly plastic with a shiny, glossy appearance. It doesn't have the notable smell of hot plastic, compared to ABS during the printing process.Can provide sharper detail compared to ABS, doesn't necessarily need a heat bed but benefits from cooling during the printing process.

What is metallic filament?

These metals infused PLA filaments are tougher to print than Standard PLA filament, but because of the metal blended with the plastic, prints are heavier and thus, feel more authentic. Finished 3Dprints can be sanded and polished to create beautiful and unique pieces. Unpolished, the filament looks like cast metal fresh from a mould, with a dull, matte, gritty appearance. With just a little finishing and polishing, however, you can easily create any look like you desire. 3D Printing with these metals is perfect for printing jewellery, props, costumes, figurines, and robots. These filaments are great not only for hobbyists looking to make faux metal prints, but serious designers as well.


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